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Privacy Policies

S.C. BOREALY GIFTS S.R.L. guarantees the security and confidentiality of all the transmited data via its computer system. Those data have the purpose of allowing S.C. BOREALY GIFTS S.R.L. to send  via E-mail to its users order confirmations and special offers, but only with the permission of the user. S.C. BOREALY GIFTS S.R.L. does not encourage spam. The users have the right of refusing providing their data and to request the erasure of their data from S.C. BOREALY GIFT S.R.L.’s system, free of charge.

S.C. BOREALY GIFTS S.R.L. oblige oneself to not reveal any personal data to a third person, if that third person is not a designated authority which has the legal right of acting under the law.

Due to the fact that all data is stored eletronically, S.C. BOREALY GIFTS S.R.L.  is not responsable in case of data loss caused by hackers. On user referral, S.C. BOREALY GIFTS S.R.L. shall notify the competent authorities for solving this type of crime.

S.C. BOREALY GIFTS S.R.L. can not be held responsible for errors arising from the user’s negligence toward its account and password.

Any unauthorized attempt of accessing S.C. BOREALY GIFTS S.R.L.’s database will be possible to identify by S.C. BOREALY GIFTS S.R.L. Any attempt to access personal data of another user, to modify the site’s content or to affect the server’s performance will be considered an attempt to defraud the BOREALY site and will put in motion criminal investigation.


Free Natural Pearl Necklace (75 Euro) for every order over EUR 100

Free Natural Pearl Necklace (75 EUR)

for every order over EUR 100